Linda McCartney (ladylinda) wrote,
Linda McCartney

I hate to say it...but

I don't mean to be an evil bitch, really I don't. I just feel a bit jipped so to speak.
You've got to try to understand how annoying it is to show up and find first that there are two of your husband, one who is completely crazy and the other who is in love with a different woman and does not know who you are.
Sure, Cyn and Mo may be alright with it, and hey, they've got it worse don't they? I mean their husbands are in love with men!

I have nothing against it, I'm all for it, but it must be tough on them!

Am I horrible for being jealous of Jane? Its not like Paul even knows who I am...

I am going to make it all awkward now. Fuck it!

It must be PMS
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